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Inaugural Post

Our default expression?

Our default expression?

Huh? Exactly my sentiment. If you often find the world difficult to fathom, you’re not alone. And it’s not the physical stuff—the blizzards, earthquakes, tsunamis, glacial melt, projected asteroid hits—that have us so flummoxed (although they contribute their fair share of angst). Nor is it the animals or plants, whose behavior, while sometimes unpredictable, is at least manageable.

It’s us. We the people. Human nature trumps Mother Nature for incredulity any day. Who can explain our insatiable appetite for accumulating money at the expense of personal relationships, knowing we’re going to die anyway? Why do “Ice” signs always depict icicles on them, like we don’t get it? And what makes us put sports and entertainment icons on pedestals, only to gleefully knock them off the moment they falter?

That’s what this blog is about. First to point out these bizarre traits of our species, which can be both fascinating and amusing. Then try to make some freaking sense out of them. All while being as honest as, well, humanly possible. That’s it. (Isn’t that enough?)

When I was younger, I would read novels for the thrills, adventure and suspense as an escape from the dullness of real life. Now I read them to bring some calm and order after listening to the latest newscast. The earth is in a flux. This is your guide.

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