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Is it true blondes have more anchor jobs?

Megyn Kelly of Fox News

Megyn Kelly of Fox News

Seems like it. If you do a cursory scan of FOX (no pun intended) News, CNN and MSNBC, you might notice a lot of flaxen heads staring back at you. Blonde female anchors, analysts and reporters appear to be proliferating. And, far as I can tell, no one’s complaining. Certainly not me. These are intellgent, articulate and confident women. Who also happen to be beautiful. How does the deck get so stacked in one person’s favor? Do they also run the hundred in under twelve seconds? (All genes are not created equal.)

Probably the goddess of all womanly reportage is FOX anchor Megyn Kelly. She’s every guy’s dream college girlfriend: so wholesomely stunning, at times she can take your breath away quicker than a breaking news story. Male counterparts must rue her rapturous appeal. (I can just see Chris Wallace pursing his lips in disdain.) But mesmerized as I am by her looks, her smile, her batting and flirtatious lashes, I don’t find myself tuning in just to see her. Or any of her towheaded colleagues. I only catch snippets of them when channel jumping to get different idealogical takes on news stories.

But obviously some viewers are more smitten than I, else why would news producers be weighting their staff with platinum members of the distaff? (Even though, if you get to the root of the matter, the color of their tresses is sometimes not their God-given one.).

The question is, are they the best people for the job they perform? Or merely the best attractive people? That may be answered when age fades their luster and the lines of maturity set in. Which ones will hang on to become the seasoned and respected Andrea Mitchell, Candy Crowley or Katie Couric of tomorrow? I think the fair-haired Dana Bash of CNN, a damn good reporter, has a decent shot.

Meantime, we’ll just have to settle for taking our news in goggle-eyed admiration of the messenger.

February 10, 2011 • Posted in: Uncategorized

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