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Now that Donald Trump is elected…

donald-trumpNow that Donald Trump is elected…

Will everything he declares a disaster be eligible for federal funds?

Would a heckler be roughed up at the State of the Union?

When 11 million people are deported, will his supporters pick fruit, mow lawns and make hotel beds?

Will he offer tax credits for coal-burning stoves?

Will he look into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and see himself?

Will police be patrolling Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s neighborhood?

Will he brief, then advise, himself in front of the mirror each morning?

Will waterboarding or “much worse” be the preferred method for exposing leaks in his administration?

Will he tweet sexist slurs at female foreign leaders?

Will his climate policy consist of leasing Alaskan shoreline to resort developers?

Will he replace an aging Melania after the first term?

Will The Wall be built by cheap Mexican labor on H-1B visas?

Will a photo op with Kim Jong-un turn into a worst-hair competition?

Will Attorney General Chris Christie drop the Bridgegate investigation? Then spit?

Will Education Secretary Rick Perry eliminate his own department?

Will freed POWs return home to ridicule for having gotten caught?

Will female cabinet members be denied longer bathroom breaks?

Will he build a luxury hotel in the air space above the White House?

Will he give the commencement address at a reopened Trump University?

Will he have to attend a global summit by Skype because he’s banned from the host country?

And will thousands of Muslims cheer from the rooftops of Jersey City if he’s impeached?

November 11, 2016 • Posted in: Uncategorized

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