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Sorry, Peyton, I don’t believe you.


Sorry, and it’s sad, but I don’t believe Peyton Manning for one second.

While he deserves the benefit of the doubt, and so far nothing’s been proved, having watched the documentary and his interview denying the accusations, I think he’s hiding something. My gut feeling.

The NFL isn’t in the business of drug enforcement, marriage counseling or health preservation. The fastest, strongest, most brutal play is what drives their ratings and billion dollar revenues. Games are littered with injury stoppages, bodies are hauled off the field incessantly, and the beat, literally, goes on.

So don’t expect the NFL or their financial partners CBS, NBC, FOX and ESPN, to break or dwell on stories like this that might staunch the flow of blood money. Even their wholly owned and paid-for government subsidiaries will look the other way at illegal drug use, and only prosecute on the rare occasion of overwhelming evidence, and then just for show.

Our media could blow the doping scandal wide open in a heartbeat if they wanted to. But it’s against their financial interests. We have to rely on foreign sources like Al Jazeera (who will likely be scorned and reviled for their investigative work), to expose the dirt, greed and hypocrisy of our sports conglomerates.

December 28, 2015 • Posted in: Uncategorized

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