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Why is this picture of Mick Jagger here?

Mick Jagger on stage at Altamont

Mick Jagger at Altamont from the movie "Gimme Shelter"

The short answer is, it attracts hits. Not a lot of hits. But a few. And every hit counts when trying to amass an audience.

You see, in a former iteration of this blog I wrote a piece on Iraq that used Mick Jagger’s famous quote from the Stones’ Altamont concert depicted in the movie Gimme Shelter: “Who’s fighting and what for?” (Can’t you just hear him saying it in his cockney patois?) And I included with the post this picture. Well, due to the quirkiness of search engines, when people queried an image of Mick Jagger (whom my mother-in-law unwittingly used to refer to as Mick Jaguar) a link to this site often came up. Maybe it will again.

So if that’s how you arrived here, welcome. Hope this was the picture you were seeking. And that you’ll come back and visit from time to time for some insights into the more head-scratching aspects of human nature. (You can subscribe by clicking that big chicklet-like button above.)

And remember, it’s only rock ‘n roll.

February 1, 2011 • Posted in: Uncategorized

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