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Baseball’s Hall of Confusion

In a few years the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown will be a mess. Tarnished. Unfair. Disturbingly inconsistent. There will of course be the core collection of baseball greats, enshrined before the drug scandal exploded. Not entirely angels, as they include spitballers, corked-bat hitters, spike sharpeners, and ball scuffers, whose slap-on-the-wrist punishments weren’t considered disqualifying […]

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Why We Need to Bomb Syria

In the ultra-connected world we live in today, isolationism is not an option. Turning our backs on atrocities can be devastating to our global interests and thus our domestic. Yet we and the rest of the world quail and bicker and dither as a ruthless dictator sets a new standard of military horror, the mass […]

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When Bullying Turns Criminal

In Greenwich, CT last week a 15-year-old high school sophomore took his life with a shotgun after his first day of school, apparently in abject despair after years of vicious bullying and tormenting by fellow students with little or no intervention or help from anyone. You’d like to think the bullies, especially those who on […]

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