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Where’s a Crotchety Old Librarian When You Need One?

Libraries are places to read. Work. Do research. And keep your mouth shut. Or, if you’re compelled to open it, speak in a whisper. That’s what I was taught. And got a sharp rebuke if I didn’t abide by it. Today, entitled mothers and their entitled children evidently aren’t subject to such strictures. For them, […]

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Is it true blondes have more anchor jobs?

Seems like it. If you do a cursory scan of FOX (no pun intended) News, CNN and MSNBC, you might notice a lot of flaxen heads staring back at you. Blonde female anchors, analysts and reporters appear to be proliferating. And, far as I can tell, no one’s complaining. Certainly not me. These are intellgent, […]

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Why is this picture of Mick Jagger here?

The short answer is, it attracts hits. Not a lot of hits. But a few. And every hit counts when trying to amass an audience. You see, in a former iteration of this blog I wrote a piece on Iraq that used Mick Jagger’s famous quote from the Stones’ Altamont concert depicted in the movie […]

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